Welcome to the Training Inclusive Sports!

This Electronic Learning Environment is intended for:

  1. Trainers from European countries, who provide multiplier training courses to coaches, staff and volunteers of sport clubs and sports organisations.Part of the training is a three-day train-the-trainer, in which people are trained to become Trainer Inclusive Sports. The trainer becomes an expert for inclusion within sports organisations. In the training, participants practice training and communication skills and actively acquire knowledge about inclusion.
  2. Participants: Coaches, staff and volunteers of sport clubs and sports organisations, who are interested and motivated to organise their sports club more inclusive and are willing to undertake activities in that direction.

Structure of the training

The Inclusive Sports training first of all consists of a basic module.The basic module includes 3 physical meetings of 2.5 hours each. In this, the participants reflect on their own vision of inclusivity, inclusivity in their (sports) organisation and the interaction with club members. In addition, participants can choose to learn more about the in-depth modules: Diversity and culture, Women and girls, Discrimination and racism, Values ​​and norms. These in-depth modules, each between 2,5 hours, can therefore be used separately as desired. Before one or more in-depth modules can be followed, one must first follow the basic module.

Do you have questions about logging in or the learning environment itself? Please contact: fairplay@vidc.org


Migrants and ethnic minorities across the EU – in particular women and girls – face barriers when it comes to practice sport and physical activities. Furthermore, the under-representation of migrants and their exclusion from positions of authority and the lack of advancement of minorities in non-playing positions is a recurring issue for European sport.


The “Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN)” aims to encourage the inclusion and involvement of migrants, ethnic minorities and asylum seekers/refugees through and in mainstream sport. SPIN brings together experienced national key players in the field of sport & social inclusion with highly qualified staff.

Core functions of the SPIN partnership include:

  • Developing and delivering high quality training and educational tools for sport stakeholders
  • Reflection, analysis and research: creating an evidence-base for social inclusion through sport interventions and practice
  • Facilitating action at a grassroots level (empower and lending practical support to small groups and promote migrant and minority self-organisations as key agents for social change)
  • Advocacy and lobbying for policy change at a European and national level
  • Raising public awareness through public interventions and campaigning (influencing public discourse, develop counter narratives)